Varicose Veins result from swelling of leg veins due to damage to vein valves, from persistent stabbing, post pregnancy and familial. Whilst not all Varicose Veins can be treated with a safe and simple injection, over 80% can. The injections are simple and effective. All patients are individually assessed by a training Medical Practitioner (visit bulk billed) before any advice is given or a plan is created.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Varicose Vein injection?

The doctor injects the veins directly with a substance that causes the walls of the veins to become inflamed and then with the application of compression stockings, the veins are collapsed and after 6-12 weeks disappear.

Which veins are suitable to be treated?

This is determined at the free consultation with your Medical Practitioner.

Can I use my own compression stockings?

No, we recommend and measure special stocking for you that MUST be worn for the required period.

What possible complications are there?

Slight local discomfort, swelling tenderness, the formation of a “cord “ in the vein, slight local bruising and rarely an allergic reaction.

These complications are reduced significantly by proper use of the Compression Stockings. Deep Vein Thrombosis is very rare but is a possibility and needs to be monitored.

Can I exercise after the injections?

You are requested to go for a 20 min walk at least once per day for 7 days. However, vigorous exercise should be avoided for 24-36 hrs.

Is there a Medicare rebate for a Varicose Vein injection?

Yes there is.

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